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Sound Strike Logo Cinematic Sound Effects
57 powerful hits, shots, and cinematic sound effects that will give your mix results.
SoundStrike Cinematic Sound Effects
Add power and sonic depth to your mixes without wasting time and energy on redundant, uninspiring sample libraries.
  • Save time with amazing, easy to use samples.
  • Streamline your creative process with mix-tested FX.
  • Custom designed samples that deliver an explosive, cinematic edge
Access Your 57 Bone Crushing Samples
 100% Secure. Instant Download. All files are 24bit, 48khz. Kontakt NKI included.
Here's What The Pros Are Saying:

Jamie King

(Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, Alesana)

"This is a fantastic set of risers, hits, and shots to get those killer sounding cinematic effects quickly! They will definitely make it into my mixes!"
Jamie King Cinematic Sound Effects

Parker Jameson

(Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer of Starkill)

"What's more important and impressive than the sound quality of these samples is their usability. They can be placed in a variety of genres under a variety of applications to help with the dynamics and texture of your songwriting."
Parker Jameson Cinematic Sound Effects
Here's What You Get:
15 Swells, 12 Mono Hits, 11 Stereo Hits, 10 Full Hits, and 9 Shots

Sampled at 24bit/48khz. Kontakt NKI included. All of our cinematic sound effects have been designed and tested in several mixes and genres to ensure maximum quality and usability. Swells add suspense and tension. Hits deliver a variety of crushing impacts. Full Hits combine the elements of a swell and a hit into one massive sequence. Shots add backbone to snare drums and other transients. You can combine any combination of Swells, Hits, and Full Hits for truly unique and breathtaking results.

  • Extreme Sub (Hit)
  • Pop (Hit)
  • Booty Thump (Hit)
  • Meteoric (Hit)
  • Extender (Hit)
  • Unstable (Hit)
  • Bass Cloud (Hit)
  • Sizemick (Hit)
  • Pin Drop (Hit)
  • Mic Drop (Hit)
  • Wub to the Chopper (Hit)
  • Overdue Books (Hit)
  • Lunar Punch (Hit)
  • Bulldozer (Hit)
  • Alien Bong (Hit)
  • Basketboom (Hit)
  • Whale Stool (Hit)
  • Ape Scape (Hit)
  • Sub Cleanser (Hit)
  • Cold Porcelain, Wet Butt Cheeks (Hit)
  • Shifting Bowels (Hit)
  • Minotaur Stomp (Hit)
  • Dungeon Floor (Hit)
  • Vertibass (Swell)
  • Turn on the Gas (Swell)
  • Rubber Jetpack (Swell)
  • Astroid Pimps (Swell)
  • There's Bass in the Air (Swell)
  • Bass Raider (Swell)
  • Lil' Bass Raider (Swell)
  • Probably Useless (Swell)
  • Skin Paper (Swell)
  • Wind Breaker (Swell)
  • Massive Bass Swell (Swell)
  • Tin Approaching (Swell)
  • Someone's in the Well (Swell)
  • Tunnel Swell (Swell)
  • Orbital Crickets (Swell)
  • Whiplash (Full Hit)
  • Spitfire (Full Hit)
  • Grandma's Extinct (Full Hit)
  • Alone in the Basement (Full Hit)
  • Checkout Line; Forgot Wallet (Full Hit)
  • Fender Bender (Full Hit)
  • The Yeti (Full Hit)
  • You'll Shoot Your Subs Out (Full Hit)
  • Don't Forget Your Rifle (Full Hit)
  • Fairy Dust (Full Hit)
  • Wiffle (Shot)
  • Slap (Shot)
  • Boom (Shot)
  • Cork (Shot)
  • Pipe (Shot)
  • Pallet (Shot)
  • Retro (Shot)
  • Scream (Shot)
  • Big (Shot)
Sound Strike Logo Cinematic Sound Effects
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